Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.”
— Horace

Haus Of Adams is a member of Squarespace Circle, the community for creative professionals that build websites with Squarespace. Clients of The Paige Studio receive 20% off their Squarespace plan for the first year as a perk of working with a Circle member.


Our Story


Established in 2013.

Haus Of Adams was founded to help people. Owner, Frances Eugenia Collazo began helping her NYC friends with small businesses implement digital practises. 

She quickly noticed that although we live in a time where super user friendly DIY apps exist, she understood that not everyone has the time or the savvy to quickly manipulate the platform to meet their needs.  Since then she has helped launch hundreds small business and consulted on their individual needs. 

Frances focuses on empowering and educating business owners. Once she and her team design and implement the right package for the business, they take the time to show the business owner and staff how to maintain the work themselves. All the while, staying close and attentive in case the business needs further support.

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